Holy Cross Memories

Dear journal,

I have had some very interesting memories in holy cross. I have made amazing friendships and learned great qualities. I have been be going to extended care for 9 years now and have experienced some funny occurrences. There was this one time when they called for snack like every other day and me and my best friend went to go get it. It was a chocolate granola bar. We went back to the monkey bars and I told Alex to hold my granola  bar. I was going to hang on the monkey bars and then all the sudden we hear a swarming and buzzing sound and we realize it’s bees. Alex starts to run and she throws my granola bar and starts to scream. Then every one starts to scream run to the extended care room.  Mr.Scott accidentally knocked down the beehive. That is the only time I have every been chased by bees. This summer I am moving to Texas . My dad got a job there so we are moving. I am a little excited but really nervous. I am really sad to leave all family here and my friends. I am going to miss them very much. So this summer I get to go on an adventure. On May 24 we graduate from Holy Cross. I’m so stoked about it but so sad that that this might be my last time seeing these people. I have been with my class for 9 years. Wow!  We were in 7th grade and we were reading this book and Mrs. Novak told me to read. I thought she meant to read out loud so I did. She said,” Madeline I meant read to yourself not out loud”. Everyone else got that and they were all laughing at me and so was I. It was a silly mistake. I have also encountered painful experiences here at Holy Cross . I was in second grade. I was playing four square and we were by the flag pole. The ball came toward me. I was going for it without really paying attention to what was in front of me. I ran straight into the flag pole. I didn’t even catch the ball. They called my mom and I had to go to the doctor because half of my face was bruised . Like I said, I have had some interesting experiences here in Holy Cross.


Should students wear uniforms?

Yes I do think we should wear uniforms in private and public schools . We go to school to learn not for a fashion show.There are some arguments that they are too expensive or take away from your individuality . When buying a few uniforms it is cheeper than going out and buying a bunch of new name brand outfits.With individuality people will meet you and talk to you for your personality instead of what you wear. Uniforms force the students to express themselves through there character instead of through their appearance. And by wearing free dress you know that there will be kids who will make fun of you if your clothes are not nice and call you poor and if your wearing uniforms that won’t happen.

What is Angry Birds?

My blog  is about angry birds. Which is an app that you usually get on your phone and  i pod or download it on your computer. Angry birds now have apparel,ear phones and ect.

New Angry Birds apparel !!!

Angry birds does not  just have games but now       apparel.

Angry Birds are loco!

Angry Birds are the new thing!